Why Do People Lie??

Posted by : Irene Sulastrie

Selamat Malam semua!!  Wow!! Besarnya gambar tulisan liar tu.. Korang semua apa khabar?? Sihat x?? Alhamdulillah kalau korang semua sihat.. Malam yg sejuk2x nie irene rasa irene nk share sikit pasal tipu2x nie.. Yerp!! Most people pernah main tipu2x kan.. Hehehe.. Tapi x semua lah.. Irene pun pernah tipu juga.. Kenapa tiba2x nk tulis pasal tipu2x nie?? Sebab tadi syok2x cerita2x ngan member pasal tipu2x nie... Lagi satu sebab irene ada kenal someone penipu tegar lah org kata.. Hahahha...
Tajuk entry pun " WHY DO PEOPLE LIE??" WHY3x?? Macam awesome jer kan.. Hahaha
Perasan jap.. Maaf2x.. So, Lets begin!!

Bagi irene, it isn't easy to trust people... When told a lie,I automatically lose my trust to someone.. As usual lah kan ramai yg akan cakap " No One Is Perfect".. Everyone lies once in a while.. But... What is the point of it??? So many question mark.. Daripada pemerhatian yg irene buat lah kan, 
" Lying is usually the best approach for protecting privacy and ourselves "
Sometimes tu kadang2x orang menipu sebab dowang x selesa nk sharing information... Tapi perlu ker buat mcm tu?? Question mark lg kan.. Hikhikhik...
According to www.2knowmyself.com, " Certain people lie because of their lack of ability to do something, or have something "... Contohnya macam ada seseorang tu dia lied about everything.. She lied just to fit in,but I still don't know why... But, in my opinion no matter what the reason is you still shouldn't lie. Kalau korang rasa x selesa nk share something tu,just be honest. Simple as that..

Kids lie to stay out of trouble,and teens lie to get their way.. Adults lie for many reasons..
Last but not least, before ur going to tell a lie, make sure u tell someone that does not already know the truth. 


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